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With more than 20 years as a makeup artist I have the knowledge and confidence to bring out the very best in you. I work with brands that during my many years in the industry have never turned out to disappoint me.

Let me give you the tools to update your makeup skills. Or if you prefer, just sit down and let my brushes do the magic. Book an appointment at the lifestyle store @ballroomblitzz or let me arrive with my tools to the comfort of your home.

I do make up and hair for events, groups, weddings, photography, etc. My 1-on-1 sessions (lessons) are designed to create routines that are manageable and completely customized for you.

Makeup should be fun! It's not a tattoo.
- diana

25 minutes @ 50 €
During this session, we will sort through your current makeup bag, review what you are using and make small adjustments that will make a big difference. Throughout this process I will suggest new products that will enhance or replace some things in your bag.
And as always we will check dates and lightley go thrue sanitiziation. 
In store @ballroomblitzz or book a session online

60 minutes @ 150 €

During this session we will focus on highlighting your favorite features. I will assist you with breaking old makeup habits, using your favorite products in new ways and discovering new techniques based on your makeup needs. We will work together  to elevate your daily makeup routine. 
In store @ballroomblitzz or book a session online

90 minutes @ 200 € 
During this session we will focus on how to go from daily makeup to glam. We will go thrue the steps and you will be guided by me how to do it step by step. We will add false lashes and practice diffrent shadowplacements, you will learn how to sculpt and highlight your face features and bring out the absolutely best in you. Or you can just sit down and let me do the glam for you.
In store @ballroomblitzz 


Every wedding, groupsession, photoshoot or event requires their own special arrangements to suit you and your needs. Please contact me and togheter we will make it perfect.

/ Diana